Friday, 10 August 2018

“Let it go” Layout

Hello everyone, 
I made this layout “Let it go” .
I will not able to describe the layout, but it is the talk between two friends or sisters you can say. They love each other , the distance doesn’t matter... feel the feelings even without explaining is really a beautiful thing. And we called it blessings of god 💖

The conversation of let all the negativity out... just out... no matter what is the topic, or what is the truth... sometimes we only need a good person to share our heart out... and guys if u have anyone like this in your life... you are the most luckiest person... 

So simply don’t forget to express your feelings to your closest person... if it is anger or love or etc...!
If they truly know you, they will stand by your side... without any conditions or demand... 💖💖

Now... I know I’m not a good writer 😅 thanks for baring my lecture 💙

I used Papers from gorgeous brand AB studies, colours  from Finnabair and lindys sprays. Mixed Media stuff from Finnabair prima marketing .

I hope you like it.

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